Upcoming Melbourne Black Editor’s Meeting


At various times in the course of this project, we have called for others to participate in bringing out Melbourne Black.  Much to our distress, some of you have taken the offer seriously.  Thus we have been forced to write the following statement of principles and rules for editors.  Enjoy, you fuckers.  Our first editors’ meeting will be Sunday, October 24  Saturday, October 23, at 2:00 pm in the LASNET office in the Trades Hall basement.

Melbourne Black and the struggle for libertarian communism

Libertarian communism is the name for a set of alternative principles for the organisation of society and the economy.  We call for the creation of a system that is consistent with the principles of liberty, equality and solidarity, called anarchist or libertarian communism. Libertarian communism means the common ownership of the means of production and the free association of producers. The implementation of libertarian communism can only be through the free federation of productive and communal organizations, not through the reform or recreation of a state apparatus.

We recognise and value the critiques of the 19th century that critiqued the exploitation of workers at the point of production.  However, the development of capital has progressed to the point where all spheres of life are being submitted to the logic of exchange; and, contemporaneously, social struggles have developed beyond the point of production.  In the struggle for libertarian communism, we therefore find it necessary to endorse the organisation of struggle against all forms of oppression, happening within the workplace and throughout society.  Class fighters are to be found both at the point of production and wherever in society capitalism has wrought destruction, leaving behind a refuse of broken communities, a broken environment, and broken individuals.  We recognise the need to organise against colonialism and racism, patriarchy, and heteronormativity and homophobia.  We unconditionally reject the call for all groups in struggle, of various nations and class fractions, to organise themselves behind a single hegemonic proletarian project as potentially and actually totalitarian.  Libertarian communism will be the collective creation of our democratic organisations, or it will not be.

We intend Melbourne Black as a concrete political intervention into this historical terrain.  To create a movement for liberation out of a situation of oppression, to create shared visions for how to organise our world out of heterogeneity and diversity, we see the need for constant self-critique and reflection on the part of activists and their organisations.  This project for self-education is inseparably linked to the process of self-empowerment.  Melbourne Black is therefore a forum for the movement, a place where, in the words of the IWA, we can organise “revolutionary struggle in all countries with the aim of destroying once and for all the present political and economic regimes and to establish libertarian communism.”  To those who would like to join us in this project by participation in our editorial collective, we have developed the following set of requirements for all editors.

  1. Support for the project of libertarian communism
  2. Apply at one of our editorial meetings.  Admission is at the discretion of the collective.
  3. Participate in monthly editorial meetings, as regularly as possible.  These meetings are open to writers and other interested persons, but all final decisions are in the hands of the editors’ collective.  This is because the job includes the sometimes unpleasant tasks of rejecting articles, or demanding substantial revisions prior to publication.
  4. Assist with the logistical tasks of the journal: writing, soliciting and editing articles; proofreading and laying out each issue; printing and distribution; and (heaven willing) advertising and fundraising.
  5. Agree to participate in the collective, to be run along non-hierarchical lines and using consensus-based decision-making.  (If you are unfamiliar with these processes but would still like to get involved, drop us an e-mail and we’ll have a chat).

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