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MB#4 Teaser…


At various times in the course of this project, we have called for others to participate in bringing out Melbourne Black.  Much to our distress, some of you have taken the offer seriously.  Thus we have been forced to write the following statement of principles and rules for editors.  Enjoy, you fuckers.  Our first editors’ […]

Callout: Latin American, Australian & Asia Pacific Solidarity Gathering -Defending Workers’ and Indigenous Rights- “Building bridges and global resistance against Multinational Corporations“ For three days- October 15-17, 2010- grassroots activists & Indigenous representatives from a range of organisations, communities and movements will share ideas, experiences and stories of struggle inside their own countries against global […]

Is up on the interwebz now. Get it here

MB#3 online pdf


pdf designed for easy on-screen readability, with links!melbourne black #3 online pdf

Melbourne Black No.3 printable pdf

This is the unedited notes from a talk given by Iain at Camp Eureka on Monday, 26th April, 2010.  An edited version appears in Melbourne Black, Vol.1, No.3. Today I’ll be talking some campaigns from the past, as well as my own experiences around squatting activism, in order to stimulate discussion around squatting as a […]

A fantastic read. autumn2010v2 Moar about Wai here.

The EU and the IMF, on behalf of international finance, are demanding that the Greek people pay for years of corrupt rule and tax evasion by the Greek elite at home, and to help pay back the billions of debt transferred from the private to the public sector as a result of the bailouts to […]